Scarborough School Board Trustees

These are the result of the 2010 Ontario Municipal Elections, and they will hold office to 2014.

Toronto District School Board manages all schools in Toronto
5050 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario, M2N 5N8

Accessible by transit from the North York City Centre TTC subway stop.


Trustee& Email


Ward 18 - Scarborough Southwest

Trustee Elizabeth Moyer

Tel: 416-393-8815

Ward 19 - Scarborough Centre

Trustee David Smith

Tel: 416-397-3104

Ward 20 - Scarborough-Agincourt

Trustee Soo Wong *

Tel: 416-397-3066

Ward 21 - Scarborough-Rouge River

Trustee Shaun Chen *

Tel: 416-397-3077

Ward 22 - Scarborough East

Trustee Jerry  Chadwick

Tel: 416-397-3096

Student Trustee

Student Trustee Zane Schwartz

Tel: 416-397-3491

Student Trustee

Student Trustee Jenny Williams

Tel: 416-397-3491

* Denotes re-elected.

Toronto Catholic School Board the Catholic (Separate) schools in Toronto. Mailing address for all trustees:
Toronto Catholic School Board 80 Sheppard Avenue East,
North York, Ontario M2N 6E8

Administrative Assistant to Trustees:
416-222-8282, ext. 2660
Fax: 416-229-5353

The following trustees have been elected to the Board:


Trustee& Email


ward 7 (Scarborough/North York)

Trustee John Del Grande *


ward 8 (Scarborough)

Trustee Tobias Enverga


ward 12 (Scarborough)

Trustee Nancy Crawford


Student Trustee

Student rustee Natalie Rizzo


* Denotes re-elected.

They can be reached through the School Board, at the phone number and address above.

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