Scarborough Accommodation: Choosing a Hotel or Motel

Delta Toronto East Hotel's Front Entrance There are a number of considerations in selecting accommodations that can make the difference between an enjoyable stay and a major headache, whether your trip to the Scarborough area is for business or pleasure. You can select a hotel based on its name, features, price range, or its location.

By Name
Most of the major hotel chains have properties in the Scarborough marketplace. If you are familiar with and happy with a chain, or just want its frequent flyer miles, then you will like their hotel in Scarborough.

Some chains focus on business travellers, in the upper-middle price range. In Scarborough you'll find: Best Western, Delta, Holiday Inn, and several other chains. Some chains target families and budget conscious business travellers. These chains are: Days Inn, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, and Comfort Inn.

The Scarborough area has several fine hotels and motels that do not belong to a chain for example, the Hotel Bank of Montreal, which also has first rate meeting & training/education facilities.

By Features
Days Inn on the Kingston Road Hotel Strip A traveller may need to rely on a specific feature in a hotel. It may be a hotel-wide capability like airport shuttle or business centre, it may be an in-room feature like Internet access or a whirlpool bath (and vary from room to room), it may relate to fitness to stay in shape on the road or to entertain the children, or you may require special suites. We have tried to catalogue them all in the FoundLocally database.

The range of features will vary from hotel to hotel, and sometimes from room to room. If there is a feature that is critical to your stay (ie wheelchair access or coach parking)request it in the Hotel Search screen, to display only to those establishments. Be sure to request this feature when making your room reservation.

Some commonly sought features are:

Price Range
There is accommodation in Scarborough to suit any budget. You can stay at the local Hostel for only dollars a day, or you can stay in hotel suites that are good enough for visiting prime ministers.

Pricing is somewhat seasonal. The summer travel season is offset by the year-round business needs of area head office, as well as by out-of-town travellers staying in airport-area hotels just before or after international trips. Each hotel's dates for high, low, and shoulder seasons differ a bit so watch your timing or your hotel.

Our pricing guidelines (exclusive of taxes) are as follows:

PriceLow SeasonPeak Season













The desired location of the hotel depends on the purpose of your visit. We have grouped the hotels by "Area" to assist you with selecting appropriate accommodation. The Area is in most cases the part of town.

Park Motel on Kingston Road's Hotel Strip If you are in Scarborough on business, you should ensure you are staying in the RIGHT part of Scarborough, to be closest to your meetings. The major business areas are north of the 401 in Agincourt and Malvern, and south of the 401 in Wexford and Woburn.

Another cluster of hotels is along Kingston Road, the traditional way out of Toronto (and still a nice way to head east instead of the high traffic Don Valley and 401), which are in the Cliffside and Westhill areas.

If you are visiting the area's many natural delights, then you'll want to choose accommodation that is fairly close to your favoured attractions.The Toronto Zoo is in the Rouge River area, and along the Lake Ontario waterfront (from west to east) are Cliffside, Westhill (which are closest to the dramatic bluffs), and Port Union.

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